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About Us

About Grace Organic

go-plantThe purpose of Grace Organic is to develop and sell products and services which prevent or reduce food waste. The company has a unique product portfolio and can assist in the process of reducing food waste in many different ways. Food Waste Tracker helps to increase awareness about what we throw away and reduce food waste. The Food Waste Master transforms food waste or organic rest products into a soil improving powder that adds new nutrition to the soil; a fantastic alternative to biogas, and it is environmentally friendly.

Why Grace Organic

Grace Organic has the knowledge of how to prevent food waste and together with the customer we identify the smallest common denominator for the activities which have good results. We offer workshops where we analyse the current situation and set goals for the activity. In addition, Grace Organic offers training and makes sure that the goals are followed up. Through a combination of consultant support and our products, Food Waste Tracker and Food Waste Master, we deliver very solid, measureable results.

Via our cloud based service, Grace Organic’s solutions automatically gather and present in a simple way information from individual shops or restaurants, regions or countries which in turn makes it possible to compare to industry data and nominal data. The result helps companies and organisations to set goals, have an impact and create a change for the future. A better CSR seal of approval for your company or organisation would be hard to find.