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About Us

About Grace Organic

We are on a mission to cut down on our global emissions starting with something we do everyday: Eating.

Grace Organic serves other companies to cut down on their global emissions and expenses by measuring the amount of waste being produced in their kitchens. Our products help prevent and reduce the food waste while also saving expenses for companies. Founded in 2012, Grace acquired the immaterial rights for the Food Waste Master from the company Perpendum AB and the inventor Claes Fransén, who started the development of Food Waste Master in 1997. During 2013-2014 the company completed its product portfolio with the Food Waste Tracker products. We offer a unique product portfolio assisting in food reduction by measuring the types amount of food thrown away each day within a business. Our food waste tracker helps us to measure how much we are throwing away and how much our waste is really worth. Our mission is simple, to measure, save and reduce!

Why Grace Organic?

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Grace Organic has the knowledge of how to prevent food waste. Together with our clients, we identify the smallest common denominator for the activities in the food business which deliver good results. We teach you to measure and reduce your waste, save your money and measure your progress to meet your company goals.

Via our cloud based service, Grace Organic’s solutions automatically gather and present in a simple way information from individual shops or restaurants, regions or countries which in turn makes it possible to compare to industry data and nominal data. The result helps companies and organisations to set goals, have an impact and create a change for the future. A better CSR seal of approval for your company or organisation would be hard to find.

Our easy to use technology allows us to work in hotel, business and home environments allowing our clients to save money on expenditures while reducing their carbon footprint. We train and teach our clients how to best utilize our products to better analyze business status and how to measure a goal for reduction. We deliver solid, measurable results.