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We Measure and Eliminate Waste While Cutting Extra Costs

We first measure then efficiently reduce the food waste that is being produced in your kitchen.

We do everything we can to help prevent or reduce food waste and efficiently handle the unavoidable food waste by delivering solutions and systems that increase the awareness about how to decrease or prevent, as well as handle, food waste. We therefore have developed products and services that can assist our customers to achieve this goal in different ways
With our food waste tracker solutions a normal school in Sweden can decrease the food waste by 10-40 % per meal, enabling cost savings in all areas.
With our hybrid composting machine our clients can transform their organic waste into a valuable and effective soil fertilizer “on-site” while also reducing the CO2 emissions, eliminating 90 % of the volume and hence the need for transporting food waste from their places of business.
With our system “GraceFlow”, organizations get a web based (or mobile) platform that support and mirror any organization’s responsibilities, processes or follow up.
Through a combination of consultant support and our products we deliver very solid, measurable results that help companies and organizations to set goals, have an impact and create a sustainable change for the future. A better CSR seal of approval for our customers would be hard to find.