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Food Waste Tracker

A new method for reducing food waste

The Food Waste Tracker constitutes a preventive solution for professional kitchens, restaurants and supermarkets in order to reduce their food waste by increasing the awareness of the kitchen staff and consequently allowing a reduction of the costs. Food Waste Tracker consists of a scale and a touch screen with a built-in computer. The user simply selects the item to be disposed of on the touch screen and puts it on the scale. Food Waste Tracker then automatically shows the value of the item to be thrown away, the time it takes to cook it, the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions.



The Food Waste Tracker should be placed in the professional kitchen where the kitchen personnel throw food, either from the meal preparation or different remains/left-overs. An automatic weighing of the waste is performed and the Food Waste Tracker instantly communicates a compilation of data on the integrated screen concerning the type of waste and the reason for throwing it, as well as the value of the waste and the carbon footprint of it.

The developed software and the cloud platform for the Food Waste Tracker comprises a number of possibilities and different useful statistics will increase the awareness of the kitchen personnel and hence procure possibilities to diminish the amount of food waste and consequently generate a reduction of the total food purchases.

Using the very simple and economic Food Waste Tracker system has shown to create substantial savings (up to 20 %) of the kitchen food purchases.