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Food Waste Master

For your organic waste

The Food Waste Master is a unique composting machine for an on-site treatment of your food waste. It provides you with a new way to take care of your organic waste – converting it on-site into an ecological fertilizer which can be used or sold with a profit. Using the Food Waste Master to handle your organic waste at the source of its generation is a sustainable investment in your organization and for the environment.

Product overview



The unique vertical hybrid (composting/drying) Food Waste Master is fed from below in a vertical upward process. The vertical system, together with modern technical solutions, such as the programmable feeding process, the unique air supply method, the heating/drying system and a compact patented catalytic deodorizer, enables a very rapid and efficient composting process without any odour and without any leachate problems. This compact solution possesses several unique advantages:

  • The unit may be installed very easily and require a surface of only 7 square meters, including necessary surrounding work space. In spite of its moderate size the Food Waste Master can process up to 36 metric tons of organic waste per year, which e.g. corresponds to food scraps and preparation waste from approximately 130.000 meals.
  • The unique vertical upward system minimizes the mixing of new waste with already processed material, which enables a continuous maturing process in the composting unit and an output of fully matured compost.
  • The feeding of the waste into the vessel is automatic and requires no attention of the users.
  • An integrated catalytic deodorizer eliminates all possible odours.
  • A unique heating/drying process of the material at the top of the vessel enables an output of a topsoil additive (compost), completely free of pathogens. It also automatically lowers the water content of this material to less than 10 %, which minimizes the risk of mould fungus appearances when the compost material is stored.
  • The method enables a reduction of the waste by 90 %.
  • The Food Waste Master is very easy to handle and needs very little maintenance. There is no need for a time consuming emptying process of the unit, as the compost output is continuous and automatic once the vertical vessel is full.
  • Using the Food Waste Master implies a very profitable ergonomic handling of the food waste.
  • All machine functions and processing parameters are controlled by a programmable PC unit enabling, among other things, adjustments of the waste feeding volume and the air flow as well as a constant control of the temperature in the vessel and the heating/drying unit.
  • An integrated WiFi modem connected to the PC unit permits to control and make adjustments of the functioning of the machine and the process remotely.

Technical information

Technical specification for Food Waste Master

Technical specification for Food Waste Master