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Plate Waste Tracker

Reduced food scraps

Plate Waste Tracker reduces the food scraps in your self-service restaurant! By interacting directly with guests and students in the self-service restaurant Plate Waste Tracker increases in a fun and educational way the awareness of how much food scraps they throw away. Plate Waste Tracker consists of an industrial scale with a plastic cover attached to a 32-inch screen with a built-in computer.



The Plate Waste Tracker should be placed in the self-service restaurant where guests leave their food scraps. It instantly communicates with the person who throws away food scraps after a completed meal. At this moment an automatic weighing is performed and a graphic/sonorous feedback is given on the 32 inch screen – if it is good or less good. The system has been developed with educationalists in order to obtain a psychologically correct message.

The developed software and the cloud platform for the Plate Waste Tracker comprises a number of possibilities:

  • Possibilities for the regional manager, the local manager, the chef to automatically receive reports or input useful information.
  • Receive measured average of food scraps per student/school/district/region per day/week/month.
  • Possibility to communicate messages to restaurant guests/students.
  • Possible formats: pictures, graphic pictures – either communicated by the “scrap monster” or “the globe” during lunch/dining hours.
  • Automatic handling of measured values which diverge from normal values.

The use of the Plate Waste Tracker system has shown that the plate waste generally diminishes and that the awareness of the restaurant guests increases. A reduction of up to 40 % of the food scraps has been registered in school restaurants.